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Hi, I'm Scott Shapiro.

I spent the 2010's building marketing products at Facebook and Google. I joined Coinbase in 2019 because cryptocurrency will shape the 2020's. I love pushing myself out of my comfort zone, whether technical or physical. This blog serves as a partial record of those attempts.

Latest Articles

Crypto News Podcast

I recently joined Matt Zahab on the Crypto News Podcast. We covered all things big tech, crypto, Coinbase, and more. Check it out!

I left Google to join Coinbase

I left Google to join Coinbase

Last week, I started working at Coinbase in San Francisco. My new job is to lead the core consumer app product team. We are working to make cryptocurrency more useful for everyone.

Jekyll: From Github Pages to Netlify

Jekyll: From Github Pages to Netlify

I just finished migrating (unexpectedly) this Jekyll site’s hosting from Github Pages to Netlify. So far, I’m very happy with the decision for performance and functionality reasons.

Jekyll serves my blog 10x faster than Wordpress

I just setup a Jekyll version of this blog, hosted on GitHub Pages. It loads 10x faster than the Wordpress version and my Pingdom score went from a D to an A. Granted it doesn’t have all the same functionality,...

7 Baby Adventures in Cryptocurrency

I’ve spent the last three weeks on parental leave. It’s been awesome getting to know our daughter Ava better. But in between the hundreds of diaper changes, bottle feeds, and 5 S’s, I managed to explore some cryptocurrency projects. Often...

My Next Chapter After Facebook

In 2010, I was weighing a heavy decision. I had two compelling job offers. Do I return to the Ads Product Marketing team at Facebook, where I had interned and continued to work part time during grad school? Or do...

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