This photo was taken at 6119m on top of Lobuche East, Nepal Himalaya, October 2016


Product Manager. Cryptocurrency denarian. Skier. Mountain Biker. Dad. Paleo eater.




I bought in my freshman year of college, 2000. Internic lost their monopoly, and one could now buy a domain for a fraction of the cost. A seventeen year old, I took out my brand new credit card and made what felt like a big purchase. I had not used this domain for much beyond a Counter-Strike server and a web 1.0 photo albums.

I had a blog on here in 2009 that I restarted in 2017 on Wordpress. I moved it to Jekyll on Github Pages in 2019.

Many other Scott Shapiros have inquired about this domain, but I’ve held on to it. If you’re one of them, join our Facebook group.