I’m an optimizer and a tinkerer. I love to build and find value where others aren’t looking. Whenever I cook, ski, or climb, I always give myself a new challenge that I might fail. I never follow recipes word for word. I’m not an artist or a musician, but I want to learn guitar some day.

I’ve never been much of a writer. I haven’t had the motivation. I started this blog as an incentive to write more. To share projects I’m working on. To articulate lessons I’ve learned. To present my perspective in a place of its own.

This Site

I bought scottshapiro.com in my freshman year of college, 2000. Internic lost their monopoly, and one could now buy a domain for a fraction of the cost. A seventeen year old, I took out my brand new credit card and made what felt like a big purchase. I haven’t used this domain for much beyond a Counter-Strike server and a photo album (all pre-2004). I had a blog on here in 2009, but it’s now in legacy WordPress purgatory.

The Header Photo

This photo was taken on a ski mountaineering trip to Mt. Shasta (14,180 feet) in June 2016 with a Ricoh 360 camera. I was near the summit, around 13,500 feet. At this point, we bootpacked with skis in an A-frame setup. I wrote up a full trip report. I also captured some 360 video of the ski descent.