Trezor vs. Keepkey – Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet Review

tldr: Both wallets are solid; Trezor has a slight lead I’m a big fan of the mantra “not your keys, not your coin” pioneered by @aantonop. Hardware wallets like Trezor, Keepkey, and Ledger store your keys in the safest way possible (outside of a beefy vault safe). Which means your coins are also the safest. … 


Prism by Shapeshift – first impressions

Ever since I heard of Prism by Shapeshift I’ve been anxious to try it out! I’m a huge fan of financial derivatives and cryptocurrency. Founder Erik Voorhees is a legendary cryptocurrency entrepreneur and is always ahead of the curve. His cryptocurrency exchange company Shapeshift recently acquired Keepkey, launched Prism, and he initiated a token sale … 


My cyptocurrency domain name: scottshapiro.eth

I recently acquired scottshapiro.eth as my cryptocurrency domain name. Here’s how I used Ethereum Name Service (ENS) to buy and set it up.


The cryptocurrencies I’m excited about

After entering cryptocurrency via Bitcoin in 2013, I expanded my purview to other coins. Below is my opinion on the fundamentals of some other cryptocurrencies, without regard to price or technical analysis. Disclosure: I hold positions in many of these below. This is not investment advice. The big three cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum are … 


Republished on

The folks at (Scandinavia’s largest cryptocurrency news site) recently reached out about having me as a guest author. All it took was a quick Messenger conversation and we had a plan. I started this whole effort only a month ago, so I was happy to let them republish my most recent post about the … 


The 5 issues with ICO’s

Initial Coin Offerings are exciting, but there are some huge fundamental issues with the way this is going down today.


Civic ICO Aside, Here’s Their Bigger Challenge

Civic is one of the most interesting projects in Cryptocurrency today, but it will need to figure out an extremely efficient consumer acquisition model that pairs with particular businesses.


My first year in Bitcoin

Bitcoin hit $3,000 earlier this week. Then it dropped by 30%. In honor of that arbitrary high watermark and even higher volatility, I wanted to share the first year of my journey into cryptocurrency.


Enter Messenger!

I recently built a Messenger Bot. This is the fourth part in a series describing how I built it and what I learned. After implementing Alexa, I realized that it wouldn’t be a huge step to do something similar on Messenger. After all, push notifications was my top requirement. Thankful for tutorials I had no … 


Will Basic Attention Token scale?

As someone who’s worked in digital advertising for over a decade and is very passionate about cryptocurrency and blockchains, I wanted to share some thoughts on one of the most notable ICO’s to date: Basic Attention Token. Not about how the ICO went which plenty has been written about, but instead about the business model …